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Sep 7, 2012 11:35pm EDT
started the unlikely korean dance craze that's sweeping america. ♪ >>> good evening. i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, pregnant at 61. when her young daughter needed a surrogate, one woman stepped up, giving birth and becoming a grandmother at the same time. and she is not alone. in fact, an illinois woman gave birth to her granddaughter just last week. but to quote president lyndon johnson, our problem is not making miracles. it's managing them. just because a woman can do this, doesn't mean that she should. here's abc's amy robach with one family's story. >> reporter: little finn and his grandmother share a very rare bond. not only is she grandmother, but she's also his surrogate mother. >> how could that possibly happen? no offense, but who would do that? and what doctor would let them do that? >> we kept thinking, we were going to be stopped anywhere along the way. at every turn, they kept saying, well you're really in amazing shape. >> reporter: chris gave birth to her grandson as the surrogate for our daughter sarah and son-in-law's fertilized egg. >> we thought we'd ask a doc
Sep 14, 2012 7:30am EDT
. the newspaper is published by the pro-pyongyang general association of korean residents in japan and reported the news thursday. the newspaper says the bureau was set up in may to instruct workers and maintain amusement parks in the country. the bureau plan to introduce new attractions and build additional entertainment facilities. the latest news report explained the expansion and operation of amusement parks is a national undertaking promoted by supreme leader kim jong-un. in may, a story was run showing kim inspecting an amusement park. after discovering its subpar maintenance he became angry and ordered repairs on the spot. state media also reported that in july, kim and his wife attended the opening ceremony of an amusement park in pyongyang and sampled the rides. >>> the regime tightly controls its people and the flow of information. once in a while, outsiders get a snapshot of life in this reclusive nation. an nhk crew returned from there. for the first time since kim jong-un took charge we were able to head into the countryside. our coverage started in the capital, pyongyang.
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
international law. >>> south korean and japanese officials are at odds in other areas too. the south koreans are refusing to allow a japanese destroyer to enter one of their ports. the japan maritime self-defense force's ship is scheduled to join an exercise off busan. navy personnel from the united states, south korea, and australia are also taking part. japanese government officials called on the south koreans to review their decision. they said crews from the other countries plan to sail their vessels into port. but the south koreans stood firm. they say the destroyer does not need to come into port because the drill will take place out at sea. u.s. commanders lead the exercise every year. sailors practice preventing trafficking in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. >>> diplomatic ties between japan and south korea have been strained over the territorial dispute. but that hasn't stopped officials from many companies in the two countries from talking business. representatives from some 230 companies got together in seoul on tuesday in an event sponsored by the two governmen
Sep 7, 2012 6:00am PDT
for flood damage in the north. he told parliament that officials from the south korean red cross asked north korea to hold working level red cross talks. north korea's state-run media reports that about 500 people died or remain missing as a result of floods caused by heavy rains in june and july. the media also reports that a typhoon last month destroyed about 45,000 hectares of farm land. north korea has recently been increasing its criticism of south korean president lee myung-bak. analysts in seoul say they hope to resume talks through the aid talks. north korea has not yet responded to the request. >>> the latest exercise by south korean security forces is expected to further inflame a diplomatic dispute with japan. soldiers and police are taking part in a drill around takeshima islands in the south china sea. the japanese government claims sovereignty over the islands. south korean military personnel and maritime police are involved in the exercise. the drill is aimed at preventing anyone from trespassing on the islands. south korea staged a similar exercise about twice a y
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
punishment. >>> the south korean military has canceled a landing drill on disputed islands in the sea of japan. the drill wases part of a yearly training exercise. south korea controls the islands. japan claims them and calls them takeshima. military commanders scheduled the drill during four days of training this week around the island. government leaders decided to cancel the landing. president lee myung-bak visited the islands last month. a senior aide says that was enough to show his resolve to protect the territory. the official says the drill was not intended to provoke a war with a friendly nation. >>> the south korean and japanese leaders will attend a gathering this week of the asia pacific economic cooperation forum. but they're not expected to meet face to face. president lee and prime minister yoshihiko noda will be among members attending the summit in vladivostok, russia. >> translator: there's no meetimeet ing scheduled between the leaders of south korea and japan. neither side has proposed holding a meeting. >> he said ministers would not meet either. japanese foreign min
Sep 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
market stability and strong consolidation are in the background of the korean economy. in addition, the lower geopolitical risk is the main reason. the political risk in korea is much lower than in january when north korea has power shift. south korea's export driven economy has been hurt by slowing global growth. the south korean government and international monetary fund, both recently cut their forecast for the country's gdp for this year. >> why are the rating agencies confident about south korea's capacity to repay its sovereign debt. >> i think the main point ills the fiscal consolidation. as a result, in 2011. the government debt -- is only 34%. and the government fiscal deficit is only 1.1% of total gdp. which is just about 1/3 of averages. and i think this is why this credit rating agencies are so confident about the capacity of a korean economy to repay its sovereign debt. better debt ratings could make korean bonds look like a safe haven investment, encouraging in flow from overseas, and causing the yuan to appreciate. we asked how all this affects south korea's economy? we a
Sep 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
about food is rare here. north korean authorities usually keep citizens from communicating with foreign media. outside the capital, we found north koreans enjoying leisure activities along the seaside. >> translator: we're having a good holiday with relatives, eating grilled meat like this. >> translator: it's delicious. >> they seem happy, but it's hard to know what life is really like for them. even government-organized gatherings seem to be changing. the regime often uses choreographed events to teach north koreans about itself dogma, but this one focused on entertaining younger people. authorities are trying to soften the image of new leader kim jong-un. nhk world's taghima nogasuta and his crew shot most of that video. shery ahn spoke with him earlier. >> what did you take away from this trip? >> the north korean are not rich, but they don't seem to be starving either. i came across young women wearing fashionable clothing. even people in some of the cities are using mobile phones. i was surprised to see many north koreans riding bicycles, from children to seniors. but in the count
Sep 27, 2012 7:00pm PDT
company ies have to compete with their south korean rivals. >> reporter: a panasonic researcher walks through the area. >> translator: they put medicine in here. >> reporter: they plan to develop custom tailored to the needs of these consumers. the company faces stiff competition from south korean firms. >> translator: this stops ice c cubes from melting during a power failure. more than 50% of the fridges in india are made by south korean countries. they designed them with the frequent power failures. the firm is concentrating on air-conditioning. until now most air-conditioners have been window units. they provide cool air not much daylight gets in. a small device attaches to the wall. the rest of the unit sits out doors. to entice customers panasonic devise aesed a slogan, regain y window. sales have risen from 1 to 13%. >> translator: the number of our customers have rapidly increased. the manufacturer is building a new plant in india. managers hope to start operating this december and produce a million units a year. >> translator: india is the only remaining large market. we're r
Sep 27, 2012 7:30am EDT
into accepting that the territorial issues exist between them. the south korean foreign minister did not show up either. he has rejected japan's proposal to bring their dispute to the international court of justice. south korean officials believe no dispute exists over the islands since they control them. >> awe officials from japan, china and south korea are pushing ahead with talks on a free trade agreement in this climate. leaders tlihe three countries reached agreement on a trade deal. negotiators are meeting in seoul over two days to work out some of the details. they're hoping to start formal talks by the end of the year. south korean officials indicated their political conflicts could have a negative impact on those plans. >>> japanese business leaders will meet lateren the d ein the the foreign minister. part of the private sector effort to help mend relations. the chairman of the japan business federation traveled to beijing. and the chairman and business leaders will join in the discussions. he said they need to make efforts to rebuild ties. china is japan's largest tra
Aug 31, 2012 7:00pm PDT
korean diplomats may have inched closer to resolving a longstanding dispute. they met in beijing over the last several days. japanese officials say they hope more senior diplomats will discuss the abductions of japanese nationals in future talks. the government officials were the first from the countries to meet in four years. they agreed to organize higher level talks in beijing as soon as possible. japanese officials want the abductions of their nationals by north korean agents in the 1970s and '80s on the agenda. they want to discuss repatriating the remains of japanese who have died in what is now north korea around the end of world war ii. and they hope security issues including nuclear and missile development will be up for discussion. back in japan, relatives of the abductees have followed it closely. >> translator: i don't notice to what extent the new leadership will accept japan's request to address the issue. i feel a mix of hope and concern. i want the japanese government to state clearly that japan will not establish diplomatic relations with north korea until the abductions
Sep 7, 2012 7:00pm PDT
exercise by south korean security forces is expected to further inflame a diplomatic dispute with japan. soldiers and police are taking part in a drill around takeshima islands in the sea of japan. south korea has controlled the territory since the early 1950s. the japanese government claims sovereignty over the islands. south korean military personnel and maritime police are involved in the exercise. the drill is aimed at preventing anyone from trespassing on the islands. south korea staged a similar exercise about twice a year. the last one was in february. the current drill is on a smaller scale than originally planned. marines canceled a landing exercise at the last minute, and the maritime police are playing a leading role instead of the military. south korean officials have also reduced the number of vessels taking part. they say the exercise is not intended to prepare for a fight with a friendly nation. >>> japan has launched a protest against south korea's military drill. a japanese embassy official in seoul visited friday the south korean foreign ministry. he said the maneuvers
Sep 12, 2012 7:30am EDT
japanese media. they will claim that the islands are south korean territory historically, geographical and under international law. government officials prepare to give handouts in japanese. that explain the south korean stance. they will double the annual budget for collecting documents on the islands and running such ads. >>> japan's largest opposition, liberal democrating party will choose a new leader later this month. the party could not reconcile on internal feud. five candidates will compete for the post. the foreign prime minister is expected to announce his candidacy during the day. he wants to continue constitutional and educational reforms he began when he was prime minister. acting policy chief, is also to run. he was two months defense minister. and machimura is running part of the same faction, and repeatedly asked the former prime minister not to stand in the election. they'll compete against policy chief, ishiba, and the secretary-general, the son of the tokyo governor. current president, didn't have enough support and didn't seek re-election. the vote wil
Sep 12, 2012 7:00pm PDT
korean peninsula. before the war ended, he lived in what is now north korea. he's visiting a district with a detention center known for its inhumane conditions. i'm in a corn field about a five-hour drive from pyongyang. last year, the north korean authorities discovered some remains of japanese people who died around the end of world war ii. an excavation uncovered the remains of at least one person. a coin dated 1941 was also unearthed. masaki is convinced there are more japanese remains here. >> translator: i waited for this opportunity for a long time. my wish has finally been fulfilled. we will remember the victims and offer prayers for them. i pray that you all may rest in peace. >> reporter: japanese from the korean peninsula around the end of the war could hardly take anything with them. about 20,000 are believed to still be buried in north korea. some japanese families want to visit the site and repatriate the remains of their relatives. yasushi wamura is 80 now. he and his family returned to japan from north korea when the soviets invaded. kawamura was 13 years old. his fath
Sep 16, 2012 1:00pm EDT
made in the united states. >> mercedes. >> mercedes-benz. >> as far as i'm concerned the korean car industry has save the culture of my state. hundreds and hundreds of spin-off businesses everywhere all over montgomery and even in georgia. and the children of the workers, they have boosted the castro programs. they're building churches all over the place, funding. the culture has improved as a result of a carrion's. i don't know what alabama would do without the koreans. it is been a beautiful thing to see. and i am intrigued at how commerce brings people together. a very beautiful way without central planning. i can tell you, koreans have nothing in common. culturally in any other way. we love each other. it's a beautiful thing to see how, sprays people together. beautiful. >> what is? >> founded in 1972 back in the analog age when people just read paper and ink and got their work to the milk. you don't remember these days. i vaguely. and it was very prosperous. it was a kind of us source for libertarian ideas back in the old days. bump up against the digital age, 1995. it began to
Sep 19, 2012 5:00pm PDT
new technologies, but it hopes to one day commercialize the products. >>> south koreans he been rking hard to woo tourists from china, their biggest trading partner, and that work has paid off. it makes you have the largest group of foreign visitors. their go-to destination is a place they are changing with purchases big and small. >> reporter: it's a popular des mags r for tourists and honeymooners alike. it's in doubt with a mild climate and beautiful nature. some 3,400 chinese visitors were aboard this it luxury cruise ship. it arrived at the island from sheng high in late august. four years ago, the island became the only place in south korea that accepts chinese tourists without a visa. the number of chinese visitors has tripled over the past three years. shopping is the highlight of their trip. they buy all kinds of brand name goods from watches to bags. >> translator: i bought souvenirs. >> reporter: chinese businesses are making end roads too. the president of a real estate development firm, it's parent company is located in eastern cho china. his firm will be the first
Sep 28, 2012 7:30am EDT
foothold japanese companies have to compete with their south korean rivals. nhk world has the story. >> reporter: a panasonic researchers walks through an area in new delhi. he's examining the lifestyle. >> translator: they put medicine here. >> reporter: the company faces stiff competition from south korean firms. it spurs oat japanese company. he checks out the refrigerator. >> translator: for about an hour this pack stops ice cubes from he melting during a power failure. >> reporter: more than 50% of the fridges sold in india are made by south korean countries. they design the devices with india's frequent power failures in mind. panasonic builds its sales plan around the same part of line. the firm is con traiting on air-conditioning. until now, most of the india's air-conditioners have been window units. though they provide cool air, not much daylight gets in. so the japanese firm came up with this model. a small device attacks to the wall. the rest of the unit sits outdoors. panasonic devised a slogan. we are your window. it attracted shoppers. the percentage of air conditione
Sep 3, 2012 7:00pm PDT
south florida. they got their first look at the tv version 30 years ago. >>> people in the korean peninsula dealt with heavy rain recently and it looks like there is more on the rachel frg furga with the latest in her worldwide forecast. >> yes, that's it. we have more heavy rain he head together korean peninsula. there is a band of rain from south eastern russia through in towards central eastern china. one of the low pressure systems is heading in towards the korean peninsula and bringing with it torrential rain and thunderstorm so there is potential for further flooding, landslides and mud slides here on the korean peninsula had a rough time reisn't wli several bouts of torrential rain over the last couple of weeks. we will see more heavy rain runs again for southern part of china. and in fact southern china, parts of southern indochina peninsula as well as philippines and northeastern india in towards bangladesh. these are all places dealing with heavy rain and thunderstorms today and can you see low pressure systems here, helping to really ep hans that southwest monsoon moist
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
expected to give the campaign a jolt. south koreans will decide which direction they want to go in when they vote on december 19th. nhk world, from seoul. >>> earlier, i spoke with nhk world's reporter who is covering the south korean presidential election. what prompted ahn to get into politics? >> yeah. ahn started holding dialogue meetings in the middle of last year, with people across the country. he's been listening to young people's complaints about employment and other problems. he published a book in july expressing his sympathy for youth and sending messages to them. he wrote things such as everyone should be given an equal opportunity to try things under the same conditions. many young south koreans are disillusioned at the state of politics and share a belief that .society is unfair. ahn is particularly inexperienced. that's the very reason voters are hoping he can bring about political change. >> how is the presidential election expected to play out? >> yes. stays suggest he is trailing just behind the front-runner. park guen-hye but ahn's support base overlaps with wha
Sep 13, 2012 7:00pm PDT
of amusement parks. the newspaper is published by the general association of korean residents in japan and reported the news on thursday. the newspaper says the bureau was set up in may to instruct workers and maintain amusement parks in the country. they plan to introduce new attractions. the latest news report explains the expansion a is a national undertaking promeote b supreme leader kim jung-il. after discovering sub par maintenance he become angry and ordered repairs on the spot. ? july kim and his wife attended the opening ceremony of the amusement park and sampled the rides. >>> japan's bullet trains are famous for being fast and punctual. the average delay was 36 seconds. that kind of time keeping requires more than just the latest technology. here is a look at what's going on in the drivers cabin. for some people punctuality is a virtual. for usui, it's a driving passion. >> translator: my goal is to be one second within the stations and five seconds for station stops. >> reporter: he's been driving bullet trains for ten years. his destination is tokyo. a journey of 2:3
Sep 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
david wright. ♪ >> reporter: korean pop music gangdom style. viral videos sensation number one on the itunes music chart. last week at the music video awards. >> you got over 100 million on youtube right now, okay? how does that feel? talk to me. >> reporter: the words may be lost in translation but the moves have universal appeal. the unlikely slightly chubby pop star is a 35-year-old south korean rapper, jay song park. >> it's like beverly hills of korea. i don't look like beverly hills and i keep saying i'm beverly hills, pefrl hills, guy. >> reporter: video of poker faced of korean's place. on rodeo drive at the tony salon by maxiannn. if he say gangnam style, does that mean anything in beverly hills? ♪ >> reporter: youtube is full of local adaptation. london style. at dodgers stadium when they recently plucked psy out of the crowd the dance cam had no problem finding people who knew it. >> you have to use your upper body. >> reporter: he was signed by justin bieber's manager poised to become the biggest korean pop star ever. leading the charge gangnam style, david wright, a
Sep 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
near you. here's abc's david wright. ♪ >> reporter: korean pop music gangnam style. ♪ coming up style >> reporter: viral video sensation, number one on the itunes music video chart. last week at the music video awards. >> dude, you got over 100 million hits on youtube for gangnam style, okay? how does that feel? talk to me. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: the words may be lost in translation, but the moves have universal appeal. the unlikely slightly chubby pop star behind the video is a 35-year-old south korean rapped named psy, real name, jae sung park. >> it's like beverly hills of korea. i don't look like beverly hills, and i keep saying i'm beverly hills style, beverly hills style. >> reporter: video of poker-faced send-up of korean's place in beverly hills itself on rodeo drive at the tony salon by maxianne. if i use the phrase "gangnam style" does that mean anything in beverly hills? ♪ >> reporter: youtube is full of local adaptation. london style. oregon style. at dodgers stadium when they recently plucked psy out of the crowd, the dance cam had no trouble findi
Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
into accepting that a territorial issue exists between them. south korean foreign minister didn't show up either. he has rejected japan's proposal to bring the dispute to the international court of justice. south korean officials believe that no dispute exists over those islands since they control them. >>> hundreds of chinese have protested in front of the u.n. headquarters angry about china's nationalization of the senkaku islands. the protesters gathered ahead of noda's speech. >> we want to get the information to all the leaders in the united nations let them know, the island belong to china. >> the demonstrators waved chinese flags and signs demanding that japan leave the islands. >>> mahmud ahmendinejad criticized israel for posing a constant threat to his country. he told the general assembly the major powers are taking advantage of their possession of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction to threaten states. >> translator: israel's continuing threat to resort to military action against our nation is a clear example of this bitter reality. >> he also called for re
Sep 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
abc's david wright. >> reporter: korean pop music gangnam style. number one on the itunes music video chart. last week de music video awards. >> dude, you've got over 100 million hits on youtube for gangnam style. how does that feel, talk to me. >> reporter: the words may be lost in translation, but the moves have universal appeal. the unlikely slightly chubby pop star behind the video is a 35-year-old south korean rapper, stag name psy, real name jay song park. >> it's like from korea, i'm not beverly hills. keep saying beverly hills guy. >> reporter: video, a poker-face stand-up of korea in beverly hills itself, on rodeo drive at the tony saloon by maxime -- >> if i use the phrase gangnam style does that mean anything here in beverly hills ♪ >> reporter: youtube is full of local adaptations. oregon-style. london-style. at dodger stadium when they recently plucked psy out of the crowd, dance cam had no problem finding people who knew his signature horse trot. psy was just signed by justin bieber's manager. he's now poised to become the biggest korean pop star ever. leading the char
Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
for their work in supporting the plight of north korean refugees. despite north korea's efforts to appear, quote, strong and prosperous, end quote, this year, to celebrate the 100th birth tchife country's founder, vast numbers of its people live in dire conditions. sadly, the north korean regime's misguided priorities, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into its so-called space program, its nuclear program, and its massive military, only underscore its coldhearted callousness and blatant disregard for its own sints. thousands of north korean children do and were threatened with starvation disease. many children that have fled the north are in hiding and live in mortal fear of being sent to north korea where they would face severe punishment and death. as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world, the united states must do all it can to help these vulnerable and destitute children. that's why i'm proud to be a co-sponsor of mr. royce's legislation, h.r. 1464, the north korea refugee adoption act. this bill calls on the secretaries of state and homeland security to formulate an
Sep 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
morning. i'm savannah guthrie and david, as they say in korean -- >> how you doing? >> what language is that? >> i'm david gregory. matt has the morning off. >> you didn't say it. >> probably a good thing. take a look at this crowd. we knew psy's song was popular. this is unbelievable. every day is a philosophy of life, dancing, that's it. >> sunday it's "meet the press" and friday it's invisible horse dance by david gregory. people started camping out on the plaza last night. by 5:00 a.m. that line was down fifth avenue and this morning you'll see what the fuss is about. the korean superstar psy will take to the stage to perform that. we'll try to keep up with the wild dance moves and see what "gangnam style" is all about. everybody is doing their horse dance today. can't stop. >> i was in the dressing room, you know, like practicing this morning. >> you were? >> you'd be right. >> meanwhile, another thing people are excited about, pre-orders start today for the new iphone 5. the hitch for many users is that it comes with a new charger. was that really necessary? we're goin
Sep 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
big story tonight, the reverend sun myung moon, the south korean head of the unification church died at age 92. he met with world leaders and also did prison time. fox 5's karen gray houston returns with more on his legacy. >> reporter: love him or hate him, the reverend dr. sun myung moon was charismatic and ms. followers of unification church were sometimes called mooneyes. he was accused of brainwashing. >> -- moonies. he was accused of brainwashing. >> people make their own decisions. >> reporter: moon held mass weddings, the services called blessing ceremonies like this one at rfk stadium in 1997. bishop george stalling of d.c.'s armani temple was married to a japanese bride in new york city in 2001. >> he would pray and reflect on that process and then bring together two persons. >> reporter: r rend moon also married -- reverend moon also married a couple who did not know each other before their wedding and now they have a 3- year-old daughter. >> he can see and just how to match is the best way to make a peace. >> reporter: named a messiah by himself and followers moon met wit
Sep 17, 2012 1:00am EDT
has improved as a result of the koreans and has been a beautiful thing to see. i am intrigued help commerce brains people together a bout central planning. coulter lake three hands have nothing in common but the brotherhood of man is beautiful. >> host: what is laissez-faire books? >> founded back in the analog age can you imagine? i vaguely remember these days it was the economists source for libertarian ideas in 1995 they began to have problems and never became profitable again was like acquiring the old so i was very honored to be picked for the executive better in the hope to turn it around we publish history and philosophy and we're doing more publishing now. is everywhere. and i started a digital ballclub just like the old fashioned book club only in the digital world. [laughter] in has only been around six weeks but it is of a wonderful thing to be part of a commercial endeavor. you make a plan that it can change i don't know all the answers but maybe there will present themselves. it is a creative endeavor. it is from the balance it is beautiful see you could go to bet at n
Sep 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
then that's going to be edging closer towards the korean peninsula to tuesday. that could be problematic because the korean peninsula has been hit very hard over the last month or so by many bouts of rain. so into tuesday we could see the return to torrential down pours here. we're also seeing some enhanced heavy rain across the philippines. there's a system inching towards parts of northern and central philippines that's going to be enhancing the monsoon here. that could lead to flooding in addition last week's earthquake on friday will have loosened the grounds. there will be an increased risk for landslides and mudslides to occur. 30 degrees in tokyo. down to 29 in seoul. just 26 in beijing which is much cooler than it has been recently. 16 in ulanbator. leslie is increasing in intensity towards the rest of the week. we could be dealing with a hurricane here. it is en route to bermuda. that could create a problem next week. for the time being, though, the only thing to mention to be careful of is that you'll be noticing some problems maybe in the sea and then to puerto ric
Sep 5, 2012 7:30am EDT
. the consumer electronics firm won a patent lawsuit last month against its south korean rival. lawyers for apple aren't finished. the lawyers added four more models to the list of products they say infringe on apple's patents. they include, the galaxy siii smart phone. neither side can expect a resolution any time soon. officials at u.s. court handling the matter say the court won't hear the case until 2014. some experts wonder whether apple's latest claims will have effect. new car sales in the united states rose for a 15th straight month in august boosted by better sales from japanese automakers. u.s. research firm, auto debtor says, that vehicle sales rose 20% from a year ago to 1.2 million cars. hybrids gained popularity as gasoline prices rose. overall sales jumped as consumers replaced old cars. japanese auto makers made a striking come back after a slump following the march disaster last year. honda sales soared 60%. toyotas rose 45%. nissan gained over 7 1/2%. u.s. auto makers saw increases. general motors sales grew 10%. ford rose over 12%. and chrysler gained about 1
Sep 20, 2012 6:00am EDT
by storm. this morning... michael holmes catches up south korean rapper, psy... who's still 3 (nats) the south korean pop star jae sang park -- beeter pnown as psy -- is taking america by storm. "i'm here to promote myself. i'm the guy, i'm the guy and i'm the guy." (nats) his "gangnam style" up more than 200 million views on youtube... and is everywhere on tv. (nats) saturday night live's season premiere... (nats) the today show... and mtv's video music awards. "i didn't expect talking to cnn at the vma's...crazy!" psy even credits cnn for helping fuel his newfound worldwide fame. "first of all, i ike appreciate cnn a lot because you were the first guys who brought me in front to the world. like how many days was it? it was already a long time ago, but that was first time cnn appeared me. that's what i saw -- put me in front of the world." but while everyone knows his song -- the korean op star says he's still trying to get people to remember his name. "the video is much more popular. so if people say like, 'hey, i'm is psy?' and so i say, 'gangnam style, youttbe video,' and people
Comedy Central
Sep 18, 2012 7:15pm PDT
you share with magic johnson. moving on to someone else with a poisonous missile, here's north korean dictator kim jong-un! when the official north korean news agency announced the opening of the amusement park, everyone in north korea said the same thing-- "what's amusement?" by the way, "fun park" is also the name of the guy who owns the place.
Sep 25, 2012 7:30am EDT
say the issues could behindering regional stability. the south korean prime minister held talks in new york with his u.s. counterpart. the two officials aparentally did not refer directly to the territorial disputes with japan. but they emphasized historical issues remany unresolved. they agreed that regional stability depends on all countries in east asia nations having a correct understanding of history. japan's government has protested south korea's refusal to allow a japanese vessel to enter one of its ports. the japan maritime self defense forces destroyer is scheduled to take part in a joint drill. the united states, south korea, australia and japan will take part. japanese government officials called on south korea to review its decision. officials note ves vessels belog to other participants will enter the port. south korea repeated its refusal. the u.s.-led exercise is held every year and aim is to stop trafficking in weapons. south korea's refusal may receive fle reflect anti-japan sentiment could increase. strained by the country's repeated claims to the islands. >>> the
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am PDT
claims. another issue is a row between japan and china over the islands. the south korean leader called for building stronger armed forces. the leaders of japan and columbia are pushing for stronger economic times. they gave the green light for starting nuclear level instructions. japan's business leaders hope the epa will boost exports of bills and other products to columbia. more than 1.2 billion people have taken part in the first nationwide earthquake drill in new zealand. many students and company workers took part. the drill was based on a scenario involving a large quake occurring in early work hours. students crawled under their desks as instructed by teachers in the elementary school in the southern city of christ church. >>> europe's first north korean restaurant has closed after just eight months. a dispute between it's dutch emowner and it's employees -- the manager of the restaurant closed it earlier this month. he said he called police when staff tried to steal restaurant property last month. employees responded by trying to sue him over wages. the manager said he opened t
Sep 4, 2012 7:30am EDT
going to be a low, and frontal system heading across in toward the korean peninsula. when we see heavy rain heading in here it is going to be very unwelcome. korean peninsula has been hit hard by several bouts of heavy rain over the last month or so. led to widespread flooding. this is going to be another dose, afraid of torrential rain. with showers, even left over past wednesday in south korea. out toward the northeast as well. another low is bringing some showers, in fact, into southeastern portions of russia as well. and then down along the coast. going to stale wet. could see 100, 250 millimeters of rain. getting very heavy down here across the south. a couple of low-pressure systems. one to the east of the philippines. one just sifting off indochina. hoping to enhance the southwest monsoonal flow. again, means heavy showers are possible. the flooding and landslide, mudslide, will also be -- possibilities. as for japan, well, maybe see some heavier rain in parts of the prefectures. elsewhere, a good chance of thunderstorms. maybe, you can see showers in the capital here toda
Sep 20, 2012 7:30am EDT
to get back to that way of living. >> many south koreans are showing interest in communal living. they think it may be an effective way to copy with the problems of today's competitive society. ana jong, nhk world, seoul. >>> the u.s. marine corps says it is ready to begin test flights of a controversial aircraft in japan as early as friday. the japanese government on wednesday gave the go-ahead for the flights after confirming the safety of the mv-22 osprey. flights will take place at the air station in western japan. the marine corps recently declared a number of osprey crashes in the past were due to pilot error. to ease safety concerns of residents, the united states agreed the tilt rotor aircraft will not be flown below 150 meters or over densely populated areas. after the test flights, the u.s. military plans to transfer the osprey to okinawa by the end of the month. the u.s. hopes to have the aircraft in full operation by mid october. many residents remain angry about the planned deployment. defense minister will visit okinawa next week to meet with the governor and other
Sep 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
japanese leaders into accepting that a territorial issue exists between them. south korean foreign minister didn't show up either. he rejected the proposal to bring the dispute to the international court of justice. south korean officials believe that no dispute exists over those islands since they control them. >>> two car bombs exploded near the syrian army headquarters in the capital of damascus. the blast killed at least four people. the explosion struck early wednesday morning, they were followed by several hours of gun battles between rebel fighters and government forces in the downtown area. an anti-government activist told nhk the explosions hit the third and fourth floors of the building. four people died. syrian information minister said on a state television that the explosions caused only minor damage. he said there were no casualties and that the terrorist attacks had failed. the army command headquarters is in an off-limits zone where the presidential palace is located. >>> after months of wrangling deployment of a fleet of u.s. aircraft is about to take place. defens
Sep 13, 2012 7:30am EDT
the island. moving towards the korean peninsula or western japan. stormy conditions across the southern islands of japan as well as taiwan. wind could exceed, 160 kilometers per hour. that is strong enough to topple trees and cause property damage. in terms of rainfall, the bulk of the heavy ran should stay over the waters. but, sanba could intensify, and the west coast of the philippines will see intensifying showers over the course of the next few days. as for the rest of east asia, tropical depression to the east of japan is dissipating. so it is not going to produce rain to japan. but heavy rain from -- southeastern russia, through the korean peninsula, down through southern china will be moving towards the east. western japan is going to see short-term, heavy rain on your friday. all right, moving into the americas then. we can see a long, cloud band stretching from quebec through the western great lakes down towards the four corners region underneath the cloud. seeing short time heavy rain and thunderstorms. as the the system tracks towards the southeast, texas will start
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